Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hamming it up on Saturday

Well the week has been dreary and rainy but we had a pretty good start to the weekend. Even though we don't have our sweet angel here cause she went to grannies its been nice. The boys had a chance to go outside and play today. As you can tell Caleb loves just hanging around. JJ would have joined him but is still a little scared to hang upside down.

As I was folding clothes I look at the door to see what the boys were doing and this is what I saw. Caleb was being goofy by pressing his nose up against the glass door and throwing up a wrestling hand sign done by his favorite wrestler John Cena. The boy is obsessed with wrestling but it gives us something to take away when he is acting up..:)

But even with wrestling moves and his rowdiness both Caleb and JJ can be a sweet as their sister sometimes. I walked outside to once again check on them and I find them on the side of the house picking flowers. When I asked what they were doing Caleb said "Awww man you messed up the surprise mommy. We were picking flowers for you. I guess it's ok you can still have them." Both of them ran up the steps and handed me a handful of these yellow flowers, gave me a hug, and told me they loved me. It's moments like this that makes me so glad I had children. I don't think anything could make me happier than my kids telling me they love me or feeling them give me a great big hug. It's the greatest thing in the world!

Everyone who knows me knows I love to cook but there are some things I do not cook all the time. I have fixed honey baked ham one time and it was a little dry and burnt in some places. However, tonight I fixed one and it turned out so good I just had to take a picture of it and show it to everyone. I baked it for about 2 hours and the last 30 minutes I spread on a brown sugar and honey glaze. When it came out of the oven I became the most popular person in the house. I was very proud of myself and it made me so happy to see my boys (all 3 of chow down on it. Needless to say I got more hugs and a couple of kisses.

Friday, September 18, 2009

We will jump for McDonald's

I'm a little late with this one mainly because if you know us you know Thursdays are crazy. I run errands, pick Cheyanne and Caleb up from school, pick daddy up, get his check cashed. stop at the store and go get McDonald's....phew that is a lot in one night..:) But even through the wet weather and all the running around the kids found something fun to do last night. It stopped raining for about an hour or so and they took full advantage. Even Uncle Charles got tired of being stuck in the house and joined them for a little while

Caleb spent most of the time watching them from the porch patiently waiting for his turn with the rope and giving some advice from his post.

JJ and Caleb were showing off their jump roping skills (but at least I can say they were jumping outside and not all over the But please look closely at JJ. He dressed himself when we got home and chose to put a striped T-shirt, camo shorts and cowboy boots together. He is setting a new fad in the toddler redneck world.

When it started to rain Cheyanne decided she wasn't through and wanted to show us her skills in the house. She was going pretty good and singing "Cinderella dressed in yellow" at the same time. It was so cute.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's a Wet Wednesday!

I don't think it has rained as much as it did today in a long time. It surely made the kids depressed this morning when they woke up and realized they weren't going outside at school today. Even though it was dreary and dark everyone in the house still found something to do to keep them busy. Aunt Danielle and J.J. decided to spend quality time together by tickling each other although I think Danielle was winning this match.

After Daddy spent a very long and wet day at work he decided to come home, crash on the recliner and chill out by playing around on the Internet.

Cheyanne spent an hour of her busy schedule tonight at church in a group she started going to last week called GA (Girls in Action). They learn about the word of god, played games and earned prizes when they memorized bible verses. She absolutely loves it and her and her brothers plan to join the children's choir when the church starts it back up this year. Caleb and JJ will start going next Wednesday night to their own groups. A preschool group for JJ and a boys youth group for Caleb. I think they will really enjoy it and after not attending a church for most of their lives it will be very good for them to learn about Jesus. I'm so happy that they are getting involved in the community.

I was also quite happy that it rained today because my poor rose bush needed it. When we moved I decided that I was not going to leave it there after 2 years of love, care and it growing back after Grannie Lori's sweet dog Maggie pulled it up out of the ground. Anyone who knows me knows I have a black thumb and Joe and Charles pulled it up, I transplanted it in a pot and babied it for weeks until finally it started to grow again. You have never seen such a happy woman as I was the day I realized it was still alive. I hope everyone else had a happy "Wet Wednesday" like we did.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mommy discovered Black and White

Nothing out of the ordinary happened today at the Alston household. Which I guess for our house is out of the ordinary now that I think about it. So, while Cheyanne and Caleb were at school I decided after several weeks of having my camera that I was going to play around with it. Its not a glamourous or updated camera, its just plain and very easy to use one so I wasn't expecting it would have too many options on it. I was very suprised to find that I could change the color of the pictures I took by changing the setting in the menu. I can take the pictures of my beautiful children and then change them from black and white, to sepia, and then to vivid (which is still color but brighter). So when the kids came home mommy walked around like an idiot taking random pictures and after each one saying " Oh my god this is so cool...look Cheyanne you are in black and white!". She inturn said "Mommy your crazy it's just a picture". My daughter at 8 years old has the attitude of a 16 year old sometimes and doesn't realize that for a woman who stays home all day and talks to only a 4 year old and the walls that this is the most exciting thing that will happen to me So please look at my masterpieces and I hope everyone had a great day!

JJ on the computer...he looks a little confused :)

Caleb and Cheyanne watching TV..I have no idea how Cheyanne sits like does she get her legs like that?

Monday, September 14, 2009

"All about Me" Monday

Mondays are always hectic for anyone but getting two sleepy kids up after a long weekend is Cheyanne and Caleb were very vocal this morning about not wanting to get up and Cheyanne said "I will clean up anything you want Mommy if you just let me go back to sleep". I couldn't help but laugh. I was very tempted to tell her "Ok boo you wash all the clothes and you can stay home"..:) But the mommy in me kicked in and made them get up. However, as you can tell by the pic JJ was not ready to get out of jammies this morning so he sat in the bed, got on to, and played the morning away jammies and all.

Cheyanne made a poster last week all about her for the bulletin board outside class. She was extremely proud of it and decided that she was going to keep it and put it on her wall. She put lots of pics of her, her favorite color, foods and most important her favorite picture in the world..the one of her and her daddy on the tractor. She's such a daddy's girl and I am so glad she is.

When everyone got home we all had a family vote and decided that pancakes for dinner sounded good so Mommy made cinnamon pancakes and we all enjoyed breakfast for dinner...:)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cartoons, bouncy houses, and Brownies what a Sunday!

It started off as a lazy Sunday. The boys woke up and watched cartoons and played on the computer (the boys think nick jr is the Daddy fixed breakfast and later picked up cheyanne who was with grannie lori last night. She came home and told us all about the doll she got that had a playpen and her own cute. We got ready and went down to the church so they could play on bouncy houses and eat hot dogs that the church was providing because they won a contest for VBS with other churches in the area. Other than a small crisis when cheyanne scratched her arm on one of the bouncy houses everyone had a good time..(by the way she is fine). They ate their hot dogs and even got balloon animals. Caleb got a red sword, JJ got a blue dog, and cheyanne who originally asked for a poodle but, was told that the girl making them wasn't a professional, decided on a flower. We all came home and after a much needed tubbie for everyone we all layed down and watched the new Scooby-Doo movie "the beginning". We all laughed and ate brownies mommy made and had a great sunday evening. They are tucked into the bed now dreaming of school tomorrow...right.

Blogging to make us all closer!

Ok so if you are reading this and you know us then you must know that we are not the most organized family on the face of the planet soooooo we have decided that considering we are also the worst to call, send pictures and keep up with the family (due to all that we do) that it would be a great idea to post new pics and updates about our family on this blog so that our family and friends can keep up with whats going on. I will update this at least once a day (usually at night) about what the kids are doing, crazy things they might have said, funny things that have happened, and big news that affects our family. I hope you enjoy it! I will defiantly enjoy posting our family and sharing them with you. Also, if you do not know us I look forward to meeting new people so please feel free to comment and let me know what you think. After all we could always use new friends.